Conference Objectives

ICPH 2020 – Conference Objectives

As the conference theme “Updating ” the main goal of ICPH 2020 is to underpin the need forcollaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds to protect the health of entire populations and to contribute to the innovative future ideas about Public health. It also aims to promote awareness and enhance research aiming in developing solutions for the various public health challenges encountered.

ICPH 2020- Career Development for Participants

Other than the main objective the International Conference on Public Health 2020 (ICPH 2020) is designed for the career development of all the participants in many ways. The ICPH 2020 conference has been designed by the TRIOGM Research and Development team together with many experts of the field of Health of Education including best researchers, education scientists, industry experts, policymakers and many government sectors, women activists and many more related experts.

Unique Features of the Conference

There are unique features of the conference i.e. Panel Discussions, Publication Workshop, Conference Chair Workshop, Career Development Workshops, Networking Opportunities along with the highest grade of Publication Opportunities. Therefore, the conference will provide a key platform for the development of researchers with international and diversified knowledge and experiences, enhancing the quality decision making of policymakers and promoting the highest utilization of research knowledge. Eventually, the participants will be able to experience for productive and efficient product development in the industry as well as in the corporate sector.

Overall the ICPH 2020 will be bring more opportunities for the participants to obtain significant knowledge to make our earth a better place for new generation and future as well.



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